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Bliss: A Vegan Haven in Mazatlan’s Golden Zone

Bliss is the best of both worlds for plant-based eaters: A delightful cafe and adorable storefront with all the vegan necessities.

In Mazatlan, juice bars can be found on every main street, and fresh coconut vendors frequent the beachfront. However, plant-based food of substance is fairly more difficult to come by. Most restaurant menus focus heavily on meat and seafood, and many dishes are prepared with butter and cheese. If you aren’t fluent in Spanish, the language barrier makes it difficult to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re hoping for.

Instead of settling for a bare salad or making major modifications to a dish, we decided to hunt for a plant-based alternative. Finding Bliss, a fairly-hidden gem in the Golden Zone, was worth the trip for its delicious vegan eats and drinks.

The Menu

We already had our coffee for the day, but many locals recommended getting a great cup or espresso drink here. We went straight for the smoothies, made with whole frozen fruit – not concentrates or syrups. Each smoothie comes with a superfood add-in like chia, spirulina and more.

We also split the “ham” sandwich – a solid choice for lunch. If we were to go back we would try the tamales or scrambles, which also came highly recommended. Even omnivorous eaters had great things to say about their dining experience here. Food prices are fairly cheap; for 2 20-ounce smoothies and 1 sandwich our total was only 150 pesos!

For a sweet treat, Bliss also serves plant-based ice creams and specialty shakes like key lime pie and oreo… *queue the blissful vibes*

Specialty Items

Bliss offers many staple items for plant-based folks that the general grocery stores often lack. Almond milk, chia seeds, spices and chlorella stock the shelves alongside sustainable lifestyle products like unwrapped soap bars, bamboo toothbrushes and non-toxic laundry soap. In the cold case, Bliss sells faux-meats and cheeses that they use on their sandwiches like the one we shared.

Tips for Finding and Enjoying Bliss

First, look for those familiar “golden arches” in the Golden Zone and head that direction. Most of the world knows these golden arches as the iconic McDonald’s “M” sign that stands taller than most buildings in town. You’ll find Bliss tucked right in the middle of a small L-shaped business strip, located just behind McDonald’s and the gas station. Click the “zoom in” button once below to find Bliss in relation to ol’ McD’s.

The cafe is pretty small, and often only single-staffed, so be patient and know it’s worth the wait. There’s also no option to tip on a credit card receipt, so be sure to have cash on hand to tip the wonderful staff!

It was the perfect fuel we needed before heading out to Deer Island, which is also a must-do activity in Mazatlan.

Overall, Bliss has become one of our favorite places grab a quick bite in Mazatlan. We hope you have a wonderful experience here like we did!

Bliss • Avenida Camarón Sábalo 102 L8, Lomas de Mazatlán, 82110 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico • +52 669 166 2045

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