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6 Best Vegan Restaurants in Seattle For Mouth-Watering Burgers, Kick-Ass Sandwiches & Classic Diner Favorites

Vegan restaurants in Seattle are not what most people think. Green juices, turmeric shots and kale salads are certainly abundant, but we’ve got a junk food side that is a world of its own.

Because sometimes, you just need to indulge in some classic American grub.

And being vegan (or open to veganism) doesn’t mean you gotta give up delicious burgers, sizzling sandwiches, dogs, wings and other indulgent American-style dishes – you just gotta find the vegan places that do them well!

These 6 vegan restaurants in Seattle have surely passed the test for classic comfort foods, so you can skip the meat and dairy and still enjoy the hell out of your pastime favorites.

Now, enough small talk, let’s get to the best vegan restaurants in Seattle for burgers, fries, loaded salads, mile-high sandwiches, and more! And if you have any other favorites* we didn’t list, please be sure to share in the comments 🙂

Next Level Burger (Roosevelt)

Burgers, fries and shakes, galore! These nostalgic treats will have even non-vegans pleasantly satisfied.

Old-schoolers can enjoy the Classic or All American burgers, dressed with the fixings you’ve grown to love.

Plus, they’ve got crinkle fries, tots, annnnnd sweet potato fries?! I mean come on! One of each, please. Oh – and don’t forget a side of Special Sauce.

For those who dare: Venture out to the wilder side of the menu with The Animal (shown here) – A double patty burger with grilled onions, tempeh bacon, cheese, a layer of crinkle fries, all piled high to please your burger-craving desires.

Next Level also has chili cheese dogs, Chik’n sandwiches, BLT’s and cobb salads to round out their menu. And milkshakes range from the ever-iconic vanilla to Brownie Explosion. We can only speak for the Peanut Butter Cup (bangin!) because it’s so good we haven’t tried anything else.

A little tip if you haven’t been: Seattle’s Next Level Burger is located inside the Roosevelt Whole Foods Just a heads up, so you don’t look lost outside on the corner, wondering where the heck it is.. (#guilty).

No Bones Beach Club (Ballard)

When people say vegan food is bland and boring, I say, “Ummm.. so you’ve definitely never been to No Bones.” Their menu is as colorful and festive as the interior: it’s a full-blown surfer shack complete with surf boards, pineapples, beachy cocktails, shark shotglasses anddd a whole lotta coastal vibes. Pura Vida, brahh!

The space is small, and it’s growing in popularity by the second, so get there early for a seat.

Now, let’s talk food. No Bones is adventurous AF with their menu, sporting dishes like Golden Beet Poke and Amazeballs (breaded, deep fried mac ‘n cheese balls). But it’s the modern rendition on the classics that has us going back for more.

The Crab Cake Sando is so much like the real thing, I tear up and thank the vegan gods that I live in this era. And the Coastal Chowder is better than most of the “real” stuff I’ve had.

Huge sandwiches range from Tofu Bahn Mi to Buffalo Tempeh, and they are piled high. But the go-to crowd pleasers when I’m bringing friends in are the Sugar Cane Drumsticks and the Nachos. Add the Spiced Jackfruit Carnitas; it never ceases to make ’em say, “WOHA… this is goood.”

Our favorite thing about No Bones is that they donate to a different local animal charity every month! So go all out and pair your meal with a delicious local draft or pina colada slushie for our furry (or splashie?) friends.

Wayward Vegan Cafe (Roosevelt)

Wayward Cafe is a treasured vegan restaurant in Seattle, mostly for its classic diner feel. It’s one of the earliest, still-standing vegan restaurants in Seattle – established in 2004 – and it’s “all vegan, all the time,” baby.

Wayward’s style of food is prime starting ground for non-vegans, or a place to bring your “vegan-curious” friends, with American favorites like burgers and popcorn chicken, and playful takes like “veganized” Crunchwraps.

You mean, like, Taco Bell crunchwraps? Yes – that’s exactly right.

Their menus also has tonnnnss of sandwiches like Chicken Parm and The Club. And the burgers are stacked tall, with creations like the the Mac Daddy and the Lockjaw.

They also serve breakfast ALL DAY LONG. Can I get an AMEN?? Think breakfast diner faves like french toast, breakfast sausage, waffles, scrambles, Tofuevos Rancheros, and biscuits and gravy.

And bonus tip: just like the good ol’ days, the coffee is bottomless. They sure know us Seattleites well…

Wayward is a must for locals as well as travelers, if for nothing more than to honor one of the longest-running vegan cafes in Seattle. Wait times can get long during breakfast and dinner hours so show up early, and keep your group small to get seated quickly.

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Galaxy Rune (Fremont)

Our pulled pork is served on a pub style bun topped with cole slaw and is big hit among the non-vegan crowd. Come in and try it for yourself! We're open until 9pm.

Posted by Galaxy Rune on Friday, June 28, 2019

Brand new to the Seattle vegan restaurant scene, Galaxy Rune has come to contend.

As with many brand new restaurants, food might take a little while to come out (for now) while they get into the groove and hire on new staff. But it was definitely worth the wait, and now the Rune Burger might be our favorite vegan burger in all of Seattle.

The homemade, meatless patty definitely could’ve fooled us; super juicy, made with 50 spices and flavored to perfection. You can tell that the owner spent tons of time nailing down the perfection of this patty. A family-owned restaurant, Galaxy Rune also makes its own vegan sausages, non-dairy ice cream, and pretty much everything else on the menu.

And don’t skimp on the galaxy sauce with the fries – your taste buds will thank you.

The true nostalgia comes from their selection of shakes and floats – malt is on the menu! And while they’ve got the classics like root beer for floats, their soda selection offers exiting options like Prickly Pear and Orange Cream. Have fun choosing…

Veggie Grill (Downtown, South Lake Union, University Village)

Veggie Grill might not be our first go-to over a locally owned spot, but its convenience, consistency and multiple locations make Veggie Grill a solid staple for vegan restaurants in Seattle.

It’s always a great choice for a tasty and affordable meal, whether you’re in the mood for a hearty burger, cauliflower wings, or a gigantic kale salad.

Non-vegan friends and family are usually surprised by their faux meat and chik’n options that “taste just like the real thing!”

Classic favorites like Buffalo Chick’n Wraps, Mac ‘n Cheese, and the Caesar Salad share space on the menu alongside more imaginative items and some pretty delicious seasonal specials. And their burgers range from Beyond patties to quinoa and veggie patties.

They have three locations in Seattle, so chances are you’re also close for delivery via Grubhub. There is also an app to order from (for pickup) which has a points system. The nice thing about Veggie Grill is their many locations across the US, so you have some familiarity when other vegan options might be sparse.

Cycle Dogs (Ballard)

Damn good dogs, juicy burgers and other “noms”. That’s what you can expect from one of our personal favorite vegan restaurants in Seattle.

Except, Cycle Dogs isn’t exactly a restaurant.. it’s a kickass food truck permanently located at Peddler Brewing in Ballard, so a quality local beer to pair with your dog is just within reach. Cheers to that!

Enjoy your delicious eats on the covered patio tables and play some lawn games, or stop by for trivia, movie nights or one of many other special events happening in the beer garden. The brewery is kid and doggie friendly, so bring the whole fam.

While they offer some pretty wildly decorated vegan wieners and burgers, you can always stick with the classics, like the “Simple” Dog – a dog, a bun, plus your own condiments of choice.

Or, get the “Nostalgic” Burger, with lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard and cheese. We say let loose and try something outrageous that is sure to please.

They even sometimes offer breakfast food, like pancakes (or pancakes on a stick?!). It’s always a surprise with Cycle Dogs. Follow them on Instagram for current specials and updates.

*Please note: This list is strictly for dedicated kitchens (100% vegan establishments). We know there are plenty of amazing vegan options at non-dedicated restaurants, too, so feel free to share your faves in the comments. We will feature those in another post!

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