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8 Restaurants On Boracay That Serve Up Delicious Vegan Dishes (2020)

Veganism is growing in popularity across the globe, so it’s no wonder why restaurants in a tourist hot-spot like Boracay are offering and even expanding their vegan-friendly options.

As of December 2019, there is still only one completely vegan food spot on Boracay, so the remainder of these restaurants do serve dairy or meat – typically both – like the rest on the island. And since that makes it harder to know where to go, we decided to do tons of research for you (and for us!) before visiting this world-renowned island.

Let’s get straight to it: Here are some of the best vegan friendly restaurants on Boracay based off of our own experiences, plus other customer reviews and rating sites such as Trip Advisor and Happy Cow.

If you visit any of these vegan-friendly restaurants on Boracay, be sure to let us know! You can tag us on Instagram, or shoot us an email. We’d love to share your reviews and photos!

The Only 100% Vegan Spot on Boracay

Coco Mama – 2 Locations!

Coco Mama Vegan Coconut Ice Cream Bowl Boracay
This was seriously the highlight of our trip in terms of food… It’s so delicious especially in the heat!

There’s no better way to cool off from the intense Boracay heat than with a delicious bowl of coconut ice cream.

Now, imagine that coconut ice cream served in a real coconut shell – yep – with fresh coconut, juicy chunks of mango, a scoop of sticky rice and topped off with crispy toasted rice. This, my friends, is the glory that is Coco Mama.

Pro Tip: There are two locations, one in Station 3 and one in the D’Mall in Station 2 (which is a bit harder to find, off the main drag). It’s 100% worth getting lost to find it, although Google Maps did a great job! We “saved” Station 2 location and were able to navigate to it with no wifi, just GPS and our pinned map.

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Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants on Boracay

Thai Basil

Thai Basil Boracay vegan pad thai
Photo Credit: Happy Cow

Thai Basil is a great stop for Thai food. They have a wide variety of veggie dishes without fish sauce, and can add tofu to any dish. Many reviews recommend the Pad Thai with tofu.

Be sure to specify that you are vegan as staff is very accommodating, so they can make sure your dish comes out perfectly.

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nonie's on boracay vegan menu options
Photo Credit: Happy Cow

Nonie’s is located in Station 3, and reviewers say that the vegan options are some of the best in all the Philippines. Food options are healthy, fresh and simply beautiful.

You’ll find fresh-pressed juices, smoothie bowls, vegan savory bowls and vegan sisig (a traditional hash). The complimentary WiFi and air-conditioning are also very much appreciated.

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Tres Amigos Mexican Cantina

Photo Credit: Happy Cow

Tres Amigos give us a little taste of Mexico in a far away land. Plus, they have a completely separate vegan menu, making it one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants on Boracay.

The vegan dishes include things like taco salads, chili bean soup, enchiladas, and nachos, all which are made with vegan cheese or cashew sauce.

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Truefood Indian Cuisine

truefood indian cuisine boracay
Photo Credit: Truefood

If you like Indian food then you’re in for a real treat. The staff at Truefood is vegan-aware and can make most dishes vegan. Think Chana Masala, Allo Gobi, Tabbouleh, and delicious, warm Naan bread. Just be sure to tell them you’re vegan and they will accommodate!

Travel Tip: The seating is also mostly pillow cushions on the floor, with only a few table-top seating options. And the view upstairs is incredible!

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Hoy Panga

Hoy Panga restaurant on boracay vegan options
Photo Credit: Happy Cow

Hoy Panga is another beautiful spot with lots of healthy and delicious food options, making it one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants on Boracay. Juices, smoothie bowls and vegetable rice are most popular here for vegans.

Travel Tip: Smoothie bowls can be made vegan by asking for coconut water in place of yogurt or milk, and the fried rice without egg is also recommended. Be sure to ask for vegan options. A seat closest to outside is ideal, too, for the incredible beach views.

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House Brew Cafe

house brew cafe on boracay vegan options
Photo Credit: Happy Cow

House Brew is one of those places you must enter with patience, and it will pay off.

Although reviewers say that much of the menu is incorrectly listed as vegan (when it is definitely not), the staff is very accommodating and can make some delicious vegan dishes. Just make sure to specify exactly what you are steering clear of (eggs, fish sauce, any meat or seafood). We’re pretty sure you’re a pro at this by now anyhow 🙂

Travel Tip: Favorites among many vegan reviewers include the Pad Thai (be sure to specify no egg or fish sauce), as well as the Acai, Quinoa Salad and Falafel Bowls.

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subo restaurant on boracay vegan tofu
Photo Credit: Happy Cow

Subo is one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants on Boracay because its a rare place that offers more authentic, Filipino-inspired dishes.

Plus the ambiance, as well as presentation of the food, is just beautiful. Be sure to ask which dishes are vegan-friendly, and you’ll enjoy a great meal.

Travel Tip: Recommendations include the Adobo Tofu and the Lumpia.

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We hope this list helps you plan for your visit to Boracay! If you liked this post, please share or pin it! We appreciate all of your support.

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