Saturday, February 27, 2021

About Us

Welcome to Our Constant Journey! We’re Joshua and Darby, a couple from Seattle with a huge passion for travel and exploring the world. Since we also like writing and and love sharing our travel stories, we decided to create this blog and use it as an opportunity for us to help inexperienced travelers. 

Before we dig too far into our life as travelers, we’d like to share a little bit about who we are. When we’re not sipping cerveza on a beach or hiking through tropical rainforests, you’ll likely find us at home hanging out with our fur-baby Spencer and pursuing our careers as entrepreneurs. Ok, that’s not literally all we do! We love music, cooking, fitness, hanging out with our family and friends, and doing whatever it takes to enjoy life to the fullest extent.

Up until 2 years ago, neither of us really traveled all that much, let alone travelled internationally. Since then we’ve visited over 15 countries and 50 unique cities. You’re probably thinking we make good money or a fortune fell into our laps, but that’s not the case at all. We started living a different lifestyle at home. What we mean is, we broke the habits we grew up learning and started focusing on what really brings us happiness. By saving more money for experiences and spending less money on materialistic things, we’re able to do a lot more traveling than either of us could’ve imagined doing at this point in our lives.

Now we’re here. Our Constant Journey is a reflection of how traveling inspires us to be better human beings as we explore places we haven’t been and face unknown challenges. Our primary goal is to help and inspire inexperienced travelers to see the world. Here you will find our favorite places, stories and helpful information that’ll guide you on adventures of your own. We welcome you to reach out to us, provide feedback, or ask questions at anytime. We’re here for you. We thank you sincerely for visiting Our Constant Journey and hope to see you again.


Joshua & Darby, Co-Founders of Our Constant Journey