Mazatlán Airbnb: A Classy & Affordable Condo Perfect For Couples & Families

If you love a good balance between tourist attractions and living with the locals, this Airbnb condo rental in Mazatlán, Mexico is perfect for you. We’re excited to share our wonderful experience staying with Tony, and our first Airbnb booking in 2019.

This was our first trip to Mazatlán, which means we planned things a little bit differently than we normally do. Without having that comfort of knowing the area, we decided to try and find a condo or hotel somewhere between Old Town (South) and the Golden Zone (North). Our goal in mind was to experience both popular areas without wasting too much time traveling.

We noticed quickly that the area between the Golden Zone and Old Town didn’t have any resorts and not very many hotels. Airbnb was an option that immediately came to mind. It didn’t take long for us to find a great listing that met all of our needs.

Tony’s condo in the Torre eMe condominium building couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. Since our stay was a full week, in unit laundry and a kitchen were a must. This has both and it gets even better. The building is literally across the street from the beach and ocean, there’s free parking onsite, there’s a Starbucks nearby and centrally located in town. We were a 10 minute walk away from catching a ballgame with the Mazatlán Venados and 5 minute walk away from catching live jazz music at La Bohemia. The location was perfect.

Some of our other favorite parts about the stay was the service Tony gave us and ease of check-in. He was always there to answer any questions we had through text and email. Someone met with us as we arrived to show us around, which made check-in very comfortable and easy. Sometimes that part can be a little chaotic.

Ultimately we plan to stay with Tony again should we ever find ourselves back in Mazatlán. We highly recommend checking out this Airbnb listing if you’re traveling to Mazatlán with friends, family or even just as a couple.

Joshua Schweigert
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