Monday, January 18, 2021

Choco Cafe Restaurant and Coffee Shop in Monteverde

After a long day exploring the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, we were ready to find a spot nearby to eat at. Trip Advisor is one of our favorite resources to use especially when looking for highly rated grub! Choco Cafe looked like a safe bet with a #4 rating for places to eat in Monteverde and #1 for coffee, so that’s a double win for us. Nothing like a latte with a late afternoon lunch.

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Darby and I ended up ordering the quesadilla and shrimp pasta. Both were incredibly good and it was unexpected for being in the middle of a jungle. Not only is Choco Cafe a great place to grab a bite, it’s also a great place to meet other travelers! We met a wonderful couple from England, and exchanged a few pictures and stories.

The presentation of the food was clean with a pretty flower (not edible) for an exotic touch. Service was fast, they have patio covered seating and parking as well. Should Darby and I ever find ourselves back in Monteverde, we’ll most certainly be visiting Choco Cafe once again. If you want to try and find Choco Cafe online, we couldn’t find a website but here’s their Facebook page.

Wonderfully Delicious Coffee & Dinner!


Choco Cafe's service and food was great. This place isn't far from the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and has a wide variety of different dishes. The quesadilla and shrimp pasta was awesome. This spot is also a great place to meet other travelers!
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