15 Things To Do in Seattle When It’s Cold and Shitty Out

It's again that time of year - when the summer heat fades and the gorgeous, colorful transition into fall lasts a brief 4 hours - when the Seattle gray gloom washes it all away. Sure, it can still be beautiful, but sometimes the chilly winter months of Seattle can seem to drag on for years.. and it's just not fun to be outside. Not to worry: Here are some...

Vegan Ramen In Seattle: Your Guide to The Best Bowls in the City (2019)

Nothing beats a piping hot, blissfully flavorful bowl of ramen in the chill of rain (or snow) in Seattle. And vegans need ramen too, you know, since we only eat lettuce - and that's just not gonna sustain us through the winter. Luckily, there are many friendly and accommodating places for vegan ramen in Seattle. We broke down the list into three sections: Vegan...
Cauayan Island Resort in El Nido

Top Resorts In El Nido: Your Guide To All The Best Resorts In Palawan’s...

There are dozens of incredible resorts in El Nido, and it's no surprise, since its one of the most beautiful places in the world. But researching them all can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. Fortunately, we did the research for you, comparing multiple ranking sites and reviews, and filtered out everything but the best of the best for your next vacation. To make it easier to find exactly...

5 Incredibly Fun Things To Do in Porto

There are so many fantastic things to do in Porto for both the adventurous spirit or the relaxed vacationer. First things first: You might already be familiar with Porto's Duoro River waterfront from photos or general research. And it is absolutely a must-see, given that its home to tons of restaurants, shops and attractions. One could easily spend a few days enjoying the waterfront and the gorgeous views. In short,...

Yes Future is Barcelona’s Most Adorable Package-Free Shop

I just happened to walk past Yes Future while wandering around Barcelona. Well, almost walked past... you bet I turned right back around after catching a glimpse of this gorgeous package-free shop with that flawless, minimal-chic, Instagram-worthy aesthetic. One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing all of the ways that different communities are changing the world for the better. And after 3 weeks of traveling and feeling down about all the...
vegan bowls barcelona spread

Vegan Bowls Barcelona Serves Up Healthy Eats And Indulgent Treats

I found Vegan Bowls Barcelona randomly on Instagram, probably from browsing vegan foodie hashtags on the late night. This was right as they were announcing their official opening in Summer 2018. The food photos were drool-worthy, and I remember being jealous that we still didn't have that many options in Seattle (which, thankfully, has changed a bit since then!). Gorgeous granola bowls, smoothies, juices, and tons of sweet treats, it was one of...
Sazon Kitchen Ballard

Sazon Kitchen Brings Bold Flavors of Baja California to Ballard

Sazon Kitchen is about as authentic Baja California as it gets, without having to leave Seattle. You might recognize Sazon Taco's pop-up food truck from many festivals and events in Seattle, like Bumbershoot. Now, Sazon has opened up their brick and mortar location in North Ballard (just across from the bombshell sandwich spot Un Bien), serving up an amazing brunch from 7am-3pm most days of the week (currently closed on Wednesdays).