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Catch Pro-Baseball Team The Venados In Mazatlan: Ticket & Stadium Info

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening at the park, or taking the family for a night out, heading to see a Venados baseball game is a fun and exciting experience in Mazatlán! And it won’t break the bank, either. Consider this a must-do through the fall and winter months in Mazatlán.

Your first trip to a place you’ve never been is full of research, adventure and, probably most of all, listening to advice from the locals. On our first day in Mazatlán we met a wonderful gentleman by the name of Kendall. He noticed I was wearing a Mariners hat and recommended that we check out the Venados, Mazatlán’s very own baseball team that just happened to make the playoffs this season.

Sure enough, they had a game during the days we were there. With my great love for baseball, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out a game.

It was awesome to learn that we’d be checking out a newly-remodeled stadium. The Estadio Teodoro Mariscal remodel was actually endorsed by the MLB, a 300-million pesos project that would increase the stadium’s seating to 16,000. A few other key feature upgrades include a Venados Baseball Museum, a fitness facility and an extended parking lot. Some of these features are still currently under construction, as of January 2019. It didn’t take me long at all to find out how much this city truly loves their baseball and their home team, the Venados.

The 2019-2020 Mazatlan Venados Game Schedule

Here’s the upcoming 2019-2020 Mazatlan Venados baeball schedule (currently only available in Spanish; we will update with an English version soon). Home games are in red. The season runs October through December, with playoffs continuing through January.

venados de mazatlan 2019 schedule
Image Credit: Mazatlan Life

Ticket Prices and Where to Purchase Tickets

Supposedly you can buy tickets online here (when they become available). We tried buying tickets online the day of the game, but the directions were unclear for payment and the overall organization of the site was difficult. We recommend buying tickets at the ticket office, and we recommend arriving to the stadium a couple hours early on game day to pick up tickets.

There’s also a Venados app (in Spanish) you can download as well.

Prices are in pesos. Bring cash if you are buying at the stadium!

The prices you see to the right are in pesos and when you convert to USD, the prices are very inexpensive in comparison to seeing a game in the states. The ratio as of 2019 is about $19 pesos to $1 US dollar. So, the bleacher seats are about $2-4 per ticket and even the more expensive tickets aren’t usually more than $20 per ticket. Tickets are cash-only; specifically, pesos only! It’s also worth noting that the ticket office is located at the south end of the stadium near the main parking entrance.

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Arriving to Venado’s Stadium and Parking

Avoid parking at the game and catch a cab!

There’s a lot of street parking near the stadium, as well as parking at the stadium. But navigating and paying for parking can be a little hectic.

Whether you’re staying in the Golden Zone (North) or farther south towards Old Town, the Estadio Teodoro Mariscal is not too far of a walk. We recommend either walking, or catching one of those small, cool street cars for a ride!

If you’re within a mile or two of the stadium, you shouldn’t pay more than $50-75 pesos for a ride to the game. Some cab drivers will try to get more out of you, so just be aware of the fare if you choose to catch a ride! Getting into the stadium was a breeze. They didn’t seem to have any bag restrictions and they had plenty of security. There were also no long lines to get in and the process went very smoothly.

Game Atmosphere & Food

The overall atmosphere of the game was incredible. Fans were great, there are plenty of beer and food options, although there didn’t appear to be very many options for vegan or gluten-free diets. There is cotton candy, though, so you can just pretend you’re a kid and have a blast.

Teodoro Mariscal Stadium (Venados Baseball) • Calle, Justo Sierra S/N, Estadio, 82140 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico • +52 669 981 1711

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