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Embrace Your Inner Geek at These Seattle Comic Shops

Ever get a sudden rush of super-duper nerd energy and just need to go geek out a little, throw on your cape and take on the city?

Need a place you can go that gets you (read: won’t call security), understands your favorite geeky hobbies, shows, and pastimes?

A place that makes you feel more at home than a giant bowl of cereal, your favorite blankie, and Saturday morning cartoons?

If you find yourself in this situation, then look no further than these badass Seattle comic shops!

Each comic shop in Seattle is unique in its own right, with specialty-curated comics, games, and pop-culture memorabilia.

Many even feature local Northwest artists and international favorites, offer LGBTQ-inclusive collections, and many even sell geek-approved apparel and accessories – Bazinga!

Plus, a visit to one of these Seattle comic shops makes for a Spock-tacular rainy day activity… since it rains so much here it’s easy to run out of ideas. (so here’s 15 more if you’ve got time to kill).

Whether or not you’re a comic collector, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at these shops. So get out there and bask in the thrill of comic culture. You might even make a new friend who’s exactly as geeky as you!

But beware: Could it be your own Bizarro clone nemesis? One can never be too sure…

Seattle Comic Shops for the Classics and Collectibles

Golden Age Collectibles (Pike Place Market)

#BatmanDay is underway, and #Batman is in the house until 3PM! Stop by for a picture, and a free comic book while…

Posted by Golden Age Collectables on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Self-proclaimed as the “World’s Oldest Comic Shop”, this collectibles store has been open since 1961 with both modern and classic memorabilia.

Find tons of modern and classic comics, an entire wall of Funkopops, movie scripts, posters, life-size cardboard cutouts, card games, buttons, trinkets and so much more.

Golden Age Collectibles is located in the Lower Level of Pike Place market. It’s easiest to get to by entering through the South end of the market (under the famous “Pike Place Market” sign), and head downstairs to the Lower Floors.

Comics Dungeon (Wallingford)

Comics Dungeon is a little different than a typical Seattle comic store. It’s a non-profit, and alongside their sister store in Kirkland, all of their profits go to benefit organizations in the area.

One of their benefactors is Comics4Kids, which collects and donates comic books to kids “to improve literacy and promote imagination.

Shopping at Comics Dungeon supports these organizations, so you can feel good about your purchases and maybe even pick up an extra. Do it for the children and save the day, Superman!

Phoenix Comics & Games (Capitol Hill)

Our new Assistant Manager brought a great new piece of art (and important message) to share with folks!

Posted by Phoenix Comics and Games on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Phoenix Comics is a great stop when you find yourself on Capitol Hill. Beyond comics, they offer a large assortment of board games, card games, RPGs, graphic novels and lots more collectible items. Keep your eyes out for upcoming game nights as well.

Recent Aquisitions! #xmen 143 & 171 #kittypryde #roguexmen #comics4sale🔥 #johnbyrne #chrisclaremont #waltersimonson Lots…

Posted by The Grumpy Old Man's Comics, Art & Collectibles on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Grumpy Old Man Alan Lamont and his not-so-viscous guard dog opened shop in 2017 and quickly found their niche, specializing in back issue comics and collectibles. They also buy collections, with an appointment required. This place is a must if you’re a big collector and are looking for something older or very rare. The store is open very limited hours, so visit their Facebook page for more information.

Need some quirky giftage for your favourite quirky geek? We put some ideas together here for you!

Posted by Dreamstrands Comics on Sunday, December 9, 2018

DreamStrands Comics & Such carries a diverse selection of comic books, graphic novels and related toys & collectibles.

With a huge, browseable back issue inventory, and a great selection of card games, DreamStrands has offered friendly, neighborhood customer service and something to kindle the imagination in kids of all ages for over a decade!

Seattle Comic Shops For Local, International and Alternative Comics

Decorating a sci-fi themed room? Need a gift for a sci-fi fan? We got you covered!#geekgift…

Posted by Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique on Saturday, October 12, 2019

Corinna on Yelp had this to say about this kick-ass Seattle comic shop, which sums it up perfectly:

”Sometimes comic book stores can be like a cave full of treasures, guarded by a gatekeeping person that is annoyed by newbies. But not in​ this place! This place is an open treasure chest with fantastic people working inside that want to help you find the perfect comic book/ nerd item/ etc.

”They are super LGBTQIA+ friendly (and more than supportive!), they have a special shelf with comic book packages for people that are just starting to read comic books and need a place to start (it’s really hard to see through this universe!) and have so many more cool things to offer that I definitely need to come back and explore some more. What I have seen, next to the comic books itself, are geeky/nerdy themes clothing items (the dresses have pockets y’all!!), accessories, pins, games, and decorations. 

The location in Fremont is great, this way you’re already in the middle of a fun neighborhood (lots of arcades and great food places around) and parking is fairly easy (and mostly free) if you don’t come by bus.

Kinokuniya (Chinatown/International District)

It is never a bad idea to visit Seattle’s International District. And tucked inside the Uwajimaya Village is this Seattle comic store, Kinokuniya. Well, it’s much more than a comic store.

Japanese books, comics and pop-culture memorabilia are in high-supply, as well as English versions. They also sell plushies, Japanese stationery, toys, games, and tons more.

While this store is a national chain, it’s the only Kinokuniya store in the US that carries Chinese books and magazines, too. This is a great spot to really find something new and unique for yourself or a friend!

Fantagraphics Books (Georgetown)

Had a blast with Simon Hanselmann last night. Thanks for coming! Simon signed a few copies of Bad Gateway before he left, located on the new releases table.

Posted by Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery on Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fantagraphics is self-proclaimed as Seattle’s leading purveyor of alternative comics, graphic novels and badass books.

As they put it:

The store contains everything Fantagraphics has in print (as well as our adult imprint Eros Comix), including exclusive merchandise, plus a selection of the best alternative comics from our fellow publishers and other surprises!

It also houses our hallowed Damaged Room, featuring heavily discounted and often out-of-print books unavailable anywhere else. (And vinyl junkies be warned: the Bookstore shares space with Georgetown Records, a Seattle record-collectors’ mecca. And it is just a short stroll from some of Seattle’s best and most beloved coffee shops, taverns, eateries and art spaces.)

Push/Pull (Ballard)

Looking for something edgier in a Seattle comic shop, perhaps with a more local, more inclusive offering? Then get yourself to Push/Pull.

Push/Pull exists to show the alternative possibility of what an art gallery can be.

Their mission is to promote underground art and comics; Foster community between those creating and viewing art; Encourage emerging artists, illustrators and cartoonists; Innovate the way art is consumed by presenting it in a unique environment and with nontraditional events; and Stimulate Diversity by actively seeking out marginalized and under-represented artists.

More Comic Shops Just Outside Seattle

Subspace Comics (Lynnwood)

Arcane Comics (Shoreline)

Mighty Moose Comics (Bellevue)

Ancient Comics (Burien)

The Comics Keep (Bremerton)

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