15 Things To Do in Seattle When It’s Cold and Shitty Out

It’s again that time of year – when the summer heat fades and the gorgeous, colorful transition into fall lasts a brief 4 hours – when the Seattle gray gloom washes it all away.

Sure, it can still be beautiful, but sometimes the chilly winter months of Seattle can seem to drag on for years.. and it’s just not fun to be outside.

Not to worry: Here are some amazing things to do in Seattle in the rain and cold, whether you’re just visiting, or if you’re a local who’s reaching the tipping point before you pack up and move to Florida. Stop! Don’t do it!

Keep yourself busy and well-entertained with these 15 things to do in Seattle’s shittiest cold months instead.

1. Getcha Popcorn Ready For SIFF Cinemas

Did you know that Seattle is home to one of the coolest Film Festival organizations ever? With three cinemas showcasing film festivals all year long, there’s always something exciting to see at SIFF.

“SIFF’s mission is to create experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world. It is through the art of cinema that we foster a community that is more informed, aware, and alive.”

SIFF is always mixing it up – Noir Film Fests, re-screenings of old classics, International films and festivals, and award-winning documentaries. So sit back and enjoy the show!

SIFF Cinemas

SIFF Cinema Uptown (Queen Anne) | SIFF Cinema Egyptian (Capitol Hill) | SIFF Film Center (Seattle Center)

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