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Vegan Bowls Barcelona Serves Up Healthy Eats And Indulgent Treats

I found Vegan Bowls Barcelona randomly on Instagram, probably from browsing vegan foodie hashtags on the late night. This was right as they were announcing their official opening in Summer 2018.

The food photos were drool-worthy, and I remember being jealous that we still didn’t have that many options in Seattle (which, thankfully, has changed a bit since then!). Gorgeous granola bowls, smoothies, juices, and tons of sweet treats, it was one of those places that just doesn’t even seem real.

I suppose this ended up being one of those “speak it into existence” situations because little did I know that many months later I would jump on an opportunity to visit Europe with my sister and her husband, which included a quick 2 days in Barcelona.

But then I totally blew it, though, because I entirely forgot about them during our trip-planning. It was shameful! (Pro-tip: use the “save” feature on IG and create folders for your dream travel destinations so you don’t forget gems like this one).

It wasn’t until we were actually in the city and googling plant-based places to eat when at the absolute very last minute my hungry subconscious kicked in (thanks, girl), and I remembered.

“OMG you guys, this vegan place on IG is really good and probably really close to us!” Or something like that… Anyway, fortunately for us, it was super close to us. Tucked inside a narrow storefront just a couple blocks from the University, Vegan Bowls Barcelona made it to the top of our hit list.

There is very limited inside seating. Only 2-person benches on either side.
Menu as of April 2019.

The menu doesn’t make it easy to choose, and the pastries in the case don’t stop staring at you, either. I channeled my inner-most basic bitch and got the Avocado Toast which was absolutely awesome – served on a thick slice of warm, freshly-baked olive bread, smothered with avocado spread and topped with even more avocado. It was a dream.

The glorious avocado toast. My photo doesn’t do it justice.
Pastries of all kinds baked fresh daily.

We also got a Mexican Bowl that was just as delicious. If we weren’t so jet-lagged by this part of the trip we would’ve easily had a pastry or two just to give more feedback, but from the looks of all other online reviews this place isn’t messing around on the sweets!

Read Anna I.‘s review of Vegan Bowls on Yelp

Tips for your visit:

  • They are also plastic-free which is awesome. However, due to their lack of seating, most of your food will likely need to be taken to-go if you aren’t lucky to snag a rare spot. So, we recommend bringing your own containers for food and tumblers for coffee and juices if you want to skip on the to-go ware; hopefully they allow that. Most places we visited in Europe seemed to allow customer containers!
  • Sometimes food does take a while, so don’t be in a hurry.. the food is made with extra TLC here 🙂

You can follow Vegan Bowls Barcelona on Instagram and tell us how you liked it once you visit 🙂

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